Siren DC
About Siren
SirenDC's project process generally involves 8 phases. First, we learn about your project or organizational goals. Next we craft the story - creating the design, content and technology components of the project. We then implement the final project and provide maintenance and updates.

Phase 1 – Strategize

We meet with you to determine your vision and requirements for the project. We discuss your message, audience and goals. We review your material and your competitors’ websites and other information. In this phase we want to get to know you, your personality, where you are and where you want to go.

Phase 2 –Planning & Architecture

Building the information architecture is critical to the conceptualization of every project. During this phase we create a flowchart that demonstrates how information and interactivity will work. This process allows you and SirenDC to have precise understanding of the size and scope of the project. We lock down what technologies we will use and develop the project requirements. A schedule and an information architecture document is created and delivered to you.

Phase 3 – Design

With the information architecture set, we develop the projects interactive design. Concepts or prototypes are developed. You choose the design direction, which style or look and feel best suits the project and your organization.

Phase 4 - Content Gathering & Crafting

A content plan is developed: images, video, text, and other items to be included in the project piece are gathered. During this phase, SirenDC also works with you to determine what is the best information to include in the project. Given your current materials and if you choose this service, we craft and distill your content for the new digital product.


Phase 5 – Production

Final designs are given to you for approval and they are tested either formally or informally. Adjustments are made to the design. The design and interface is locked down, content is integrated and programming occurs. Programming includes coding the project, databases, forms, eCommerce, content management systems, etc. Intermediary steps are shown to you ensuring the outcome is what is expected. The result is a complete alpha version of the project.

Phase 6 – Beta Testing

You receive a full version of the project and review it. Adjustments and fixes are made.

Phase 7 – Final & Training

The final product is delivered and or goes live. During this phase we also train you and provide you and your staff with documentation on how to update, maintain, and or use the product for complex sites and projects and if this option is chosen.

Phase 8 – Maintenance and Review

With websites, kiosks and other products, in order to keep your audience engaged, content and designs are updated and maintained. We work with you to review, refresh and maintain your digital project.